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A story revolving around a young man with a seemingly ordinary background who dreams everyday of overthrowing the ruling regine and assassinating the King who stands at the epitome of power.

It was a period of chaos and instability as wars range the land. Through the alliance held once every seven years, the Wu State returns to a position of power which leaves the three states Ye, Qing and Su at a dangerous disadvantage. Ding Ning is a young man afflicted with a chronic illness, yet he moves into action to shake the invincible Wu State and shocks the world of jianghu with his extraordinary feats to achieve immortal cultivation.

Sword Dynasty

Sword Dynasty

Dec. 06, 2019
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Sword Dynasty
Sword Dynasty
Sword Dynasty
Sword Dynasty
Sword Dynasty




Li Xian isDing Ning
Ding Ning
Li Yitong isZhang Sun Qian Xue
Zhang Sun Qian Xue
Liu Yijun isXuan Wu
Xuan Wu
Yao Di isZheng Xiu
Zheng Xiu
Wang Zhuocheng isFeng Qinghan
Feng Qinghan
Wang Yifei isWu Lian Zi
Wu Lian Zi
Yu Zhi Hui isMiss Shang Da
Miss Shang Da
Liu Kai isJiang Li
Jiang Li
Liu Kai isZhang Yi
Zhang Yi

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Original title 剑王朝
TMDb Rating 8.5 6 votes
First air date Dec. 06, 2019
Last air date Jan. 18, 2020
Seasons 1
Episodes 34
Average Duration 45 minutes

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