Vinhean Cham Sne Dr. Akkanee and his team journey to a traditional and superstitious hamlet to conduct research on the supernatural, ultimately debunking its validity. Within the village, he encounters and develops romantic feelings for a young woman named Buapun.

He is intrigued by her as he frequently has dreams about her before to arriving in the village. The community is situated in close proximity to the Mekong River, which is believed by the people to be inhabited by spirits and deities. Indeed, there is a spiteful princess ghost dwelling beneath the river, eagerly awaiting the arrival of her betrothed, who happens to be the reborn Dr. Akkanee.

Dr. Akkanee journeyed from his homeland to wed the princess in a past existence. The princess is captivated by him upon their initial encounter and promptly develops strong feelings of affection towards him. Dr. Akkanee’s former self expresses the desire to temporarily become a monk in order to devote his life to prayer and contemplation.

The princess concedes and consents to delay the wedding. One day, she enters his room to deliver food and discovers him with her younger sister (who is the reincarnation of Buapun), with whom she shares a strong bond, engaged in a harmless yet intimate interaction.

Evidently, the two individuals were engaging in a clandestine relationship without her knowledge. Enraged, the princess cast a curse upon both of them and solemnly swears to seek vengeance for their treachery.

The intense animosity she harbored against the two individuals resulted in her physical appearance deteriorating and transforming into a malevolent entity that torments the entire community.

Currently, Buapun discovers a colossal egg on the bank of the Mekong river and feels obliged to consume it. Upon consuming it, she underwent a transformation, becoming a receptacle for the spirit of the princess, who is now the reigning queen (or the Mother) of the Mekong river. The princess had harbored a deep desire for vengeance for a considerable period of time.

Following the possession, Buapun vanished from the village. Upon her return, with the malevolent spirit within her, the wicked queen commenced a systematic slaughter of the local adolescent females, with the aim of perpetuating her dominion.

Neither an exorcist nor any technological means were successful in eliminating her. Only the genuine love between Buapun and Dr. Ake had the potential to penetrate her spiteful heart.

Vinhean Cham Sne EP24

Vinhean Cham Sne EP24

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Vinhean Cham Sne EP24
Vinhean Cham Sne EP24
Vinhean Cham Sne EP24




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