Prah Angmjas Brolouk Piphubkun When I heard this novel would be adapted to drama and the casts are Yang Yang and Zhao LuSi, I knew it would be a good drama.

I read the novel many years ago and quite like the character settings of the strong male lead and female lead. Since the novel was very famous in those years, many novels after that imitated this setting. The author wrote this novel in her early stage, so it’s not her mature work. The storylines and plots in the novel are fragmentary. That’s why the drama has to add a lot of political plots in it to make it rich and complex. If the director and screenwriter didn’t leave halfway, this drama would be on another higher level. Anyway, it is still a good drama worth to watch.

Yang Yang is very picky in choosing drama, so the next costume drama would be 5 years later…… ? His looking is spotless, the ‘Ceiling of Chinese Costume Drama’. And Zhao LuSi finally collaborated with an actor matching her looking. This combination is my dream of costume drama!

I love the strong female character in a drama! The strong is not only in spirits but also in physical strength. She can protect herself and her surrounding people. There are two best strong female leads in my heart. One is Bai Fengxi/Feng Xiyun. The other is Zhao Jian (in ‘Young Blood’). They are both strong, smart and interesting from beginning to end. The male lead is not everything in her life, with him, is just like ‘a strawberry on the top of a cake’. Without him, she still has the ability to feed herself and survive in the world.

I think the purpose of the drama is to deliver the idea that throne is less important than people and peace. And you have the right to choose the life you like, instead of others expect you to be. Everyone cares about different things in life. BFX and HFX think each other is the most important thing in life. That’s why they made the choice in the end. Although the end is not perfect enough, I believe they will find solutions and live in happiness.

Overall, after this drama, I’m afraid all the costume dramas in the future would rarely have this perfect male and female settings, healthy and equal relationship plus the dream actor & actress. If there are, that would be a treasure! ❤❤❤

Prah Angmjas Brolouk Piphubkun EP17
Prah Angmjas Brolouk Piphubkun EP17
Prah Angmjas Brolouk Piphubkun EP17

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